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Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to provision virtual, cloud-based Microsoft Windows, Amazon Linux, or Ubuntu Linux desktops for your users, known as WorkSpaces. WorkSpaces eliminates the need to procure and deploy hardware or install complex software. You can quickly add or remove users as your needs change. Users can access their virtual desktops from multiple devices or web browsers.

WorkSpaces uses your Simple AD, AD Connector, or AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory to authenticate users. Users access their WorkSpaces by using a client application from a supported device or, for Windows WorkSpaces, a web browser, and they log in by using their directory credentials. The login information is sent to an authentication gateway, which forwards the traffic to the directory for the WorkSpace. After the user is authenticated, streaming traffic is initiated through the streaming gateway.

Frequently Asked Question

A: Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop service that allows users to access the documents, applications, and resources they need from anywhere, at any time, from any supported device. Unlike traditional desktops that are tied to a specific physical machine, Amazon WorkSpaces provides each user with a virtual desktop in the AWS Cloud, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and security. Users can experience a consistent desktop environment without the hardware limitations of traditional setups, making it ideal for remote work, BYOD policies, and rapid scaling of workforce needs.

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