New Enterprise Instant Messaging System


As an additional function to our email system, we have rolled out and Instant Messaging system that you can use to stay in touch with your internal team.  How is this useful?  We can certainly email someone in our respective organizations but sometimes there is a need to instantly chat/respond to a pending issue or send file or screen captures to our co-workers.

If you currently use the email system you are already setup in our messing system.  You will need to download a client software file and install it to your desktop.  The weblink to download the file is:

Once installed to your desktop start the program and configure as such:

  1. Use your normal username as the “username” (Hint: the first part of your email address []).
  2. 2.Use your email password as the “password”
  3. 3.Use “” as the server address.


Once you are logged in you can  add a user from your organization by going to “Contact” and select “Add Contact”

Type in the username and hit the “tab” key and if that person is in your organization, the rest of the fields will automatically populate.

The contact will list as “Pending” until they accept your request.  When the contact logs into their instant messaging, they will get the request from you and once they accept it you can then IM each other anytime while your on your desktop.

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